Monday, November 15, 2010

Got Time-Outs?

A Journal of Discovery through the eyes of a real-life resident of Park and Market North Hills

When I heard the news there were not one, but three wrecks scattered across the evening commute terrain, stalling cars in every direction, my mind couldn’t help but compare how I’d spent my time going from work to home in the new 5:00-ish dusk that we are all still trying on for size.

On my way to cross Six Forks at the protected pedestrian crossing (just push the button), I ran into two of my neighbors and as we chatted amiably, we made plans for dinner next week, compared notes on our holiday plans and agreed to meet up for the Tree Lighting Celebration… oh my gosh, a week from Saturday, talk about needing a time-out!

As I entered my 6th floor apartment, the commanding sweep of purple and pink sky, punctuated by the sparkling lights of downtown and red-topped sugar maple trees made all my cares of the day simply disappear.

Next, I made a simple but adventurous dinner with something I’d bought at the Midtown Farmers’ Market, an asian green called Tot Soi that is quite versatile but perhaps at its best when stir fried gently and served with grains. I paired it with Red Quinoa, the new super food and felt healthy and happy as I sampled the dish.

When I made the move to Park and Market Apartments at North Hills, I traded my daily commute from Cary for a short walk across the street, a time-out from the pressures that seem to multiply behind the wheel of a car. Time-outs, they’re not just for your kids, they’re for all of us. Hope you find yours today!