Thursday, September 30, 2010

Delivering the Goods

My, oh my, can five months ever fly by! An article in the newspaper got me thinking about all the ways my life at Park and Market delivers the goods.

Stocking the Kitchen

  • Soup, salad, sodas, suds or steaks, a run down the elevator to Harris Teeter brings them all home.
  • Local food means walking across the street on Saturday morning and bringing back the goods from farmers, bakers, and craft artisans at the Midtown Farmers’ Market, maybe a Starbucks for the other hand?

Channeling Martha Stewart

  • Inviting my “second mom” and her boyfriend to come for dinner, we popped the cork on a bottle of champagne, walked to Piola where we indulged in platters of free appetizers, picked a pizza, split some tiramisu, and headed back to my place for a look at the night skyline and coffee.
  • No worries, no cooking, and no dishes to wash. My kind of party!

Furnishing My Home

  • Surprisingly easy… I’ve found everything from sheets and shower curtains to finely crafted North Carolina furniture without ever driving a car.

Back to the newspaper article…Did you know Kerr Drug offers free delivery for prescriptions and just about anything else on your list?

  • See what I mean about my North Hills delivering the goods?

Monday, September 27, 2010

What's In Style...

At lunch yesterday, a friend of mine mentioned having sudden attacks to know more that send her googling. I get like that sometimes, suddenly curious about an everyday word and its meanings.

Style… “a distinctive way of acting, a mode of living, a mode of fashion, a recognized title”… any way you look at it, what’s in style is in Park & Market North Hills Apartments.

-A recognizable place that struts onto the amazing new Midtown landscape
-A lifestyle that makes living so easy, I commented recently if it gets any easier I might not even have to get out of bed in the morning
-A distinctive mode of living from swimming in a an eye-popping pool built on top of a grocery store, shopping, dining, hair and nail salons, and coming-soon high-energy boutique bowling right on your block
-And last but not least, fashion… North Hills does fashion forward with panache, most evident during Fashion Week line-up that included Girls’ Night Out in one of a kind boutiques offering up cutting edge trends and designers.

What’s in style? At Park & Market, you have an open invitation to reinvent yourself and your life, and style doesn’t get any more personal than that!

Let The Good Times Roll...

It really doesn’t get much easier or more fun than rolling across North Hills in the 6-passenger electric Shuttlebug for a progressive dinner with friends, the perfect way to bring the holiday weekend to a close. Even better, we decided to go with our favorite courses – appetizers and dessert.

First stop Vivace, their patio custom made for the crisp warm air, late afternoon sun, sensational Italian Mojitos, stuffed fried olives, and a symphony of cheeses selected by our superb waiter. Heaven!

Just a phone call away, the Shuttlebug arrived to whisk us across the street to Coquette where we found the floor to ceiling doors open for the first time in a long while, bringing the outdoors in and calling for a round of French red wine, Belgian beer and Escargots, topped off with a transitional dish of melon and mint sorbet.

Next and final stop was Flights at the Renaissance where we took in the serene beauty of the restaurant while enjoying Chef’s Hot Cheesecake and Campfire S’Mores, accompanied by sighs of contentment and plans for the next progressive dinner.

As we rode away into the night for the final time, it was unanimous. The food, while memorable, had been upstaged by the Shuttlebug as the favorite of the evening. Next time you’re here at North Hills be sure to give it a try by hopping on board or calling for a ride at 919-369-4089.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Livin' Is Easy

Whoever designed Park & Market apartments must have been using one of those over-sized EASY buttons, that graphic image from Staples that everyone associates with getting work done more efficiently, in less time and without so much stress, so we can take things a little easier. Truthfully, if the livin’ gets any easier I won’t even have to get out of bed in the morning.

Last week, two nights in a row, I invited good friends I hadn’t seen in awhile to come have dinner and see my new home. Here’s how it went… walk across the street for my commute home, set up a few drinks and a bowl of snacks on the kitchen island, meet my friends downstairs by Harris Teeter to show them in and around, and enjoy a lively conversation until time to see about dinner. Or more accurately, time to let Piola see about dinner. The cost? About the same as buying groceries. The EASY button? No grocery lists or cleanup.

Friday I was headed to a potluck and planning to bring fruit salad. Things ran later than I expected at work. No worries though, because I stopped by Zoes Kitchen and picked up two containers of their hand-cut fruit, emptied them into my best dish, and came home with an empty bowl.

More EASY buttons? How about one for your social life? This week brought not one but two Resident Meet-Ups, one at Firebirds and one in our club room before the final Beach Music concert of the season.

Maybe you were thinking EASY button for your fall wardrobe? Click on Park & Market’s calendar and you’ll see Scout & Molly’s is hosting a live DJ Party exclusively for us on September 22nd.

Looking for a way to support a local charity while giving your dog a day on the town? EASY once again with great updates on local events, in this case Celebrity Paws for COPE on September 11 from 9:00 – Noon at Laurel Hills Park.

How about having someone change your air filter while you’re at work, or arranging a private wine tasting from one of those great local vineyards, you know, the stuff you would do if you had more time? You probably can’t make more hours in a day, but you can make the move to Park & Market, where the livin’ is definitely easy.